Since 1994, we have qualified 135 thriving and transitional urban communities and invested in 75.

Our first projects were in urban, southern California communities. Our reach has since expanded to communities of all sizes across the Americas, but enhancing urban communities is still integral to our purpose.

Before initiating an urban project, we identify communities in transitional and thriving areas that are most likely to benefit from our work and then seek to create value for our partners and co-investors. Next, we implement our distinctive five-point community qualification process.

CIM Qualified Communities

Urban Community Qualification Process

Community qualification takes between six months and five years. The process combines quantitative expertise, such as demographic data and historical analysis, with a qualitative, on-the-ground understanding of a community’s needs and potential.

As part of our process, we consider five essential criteria:

  • Improving market dynamics
  • Public commitment to improving the community
  • Private investment
  • Areas underserved by real estate and infrastructure
  • Potential for at least $100 million of opportunistic equity investments within five years


Qualified Communities

Our community qualification process helps ensure that our work makes a positive difference in communities while creating value for our stakeholders.

CIM's Added Value

CIM's dedicated team works together to invest and improve each qualified communitycreating value for the individual asset, the community itself and for our partners and co-investors.

CIM's Added Value

For illustrative purposes only.

Reviving a Legend

Hollywood is one example of our commitment to enhancing the communities we serve.

Dedicated Urban Investments Team

Once a community has been qualified for investment, we source and acquire projects within that community that meet our strict underwriting criteria. Each urban project has the benefit of a dedicated in-house team that oversees the venture from start to finish, working closely with our Portfolio Oversight, Leasing, Onsite Property Management and Development teams.

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