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Insights and Research

Explore our market updates and articles on the real estate, infrastructure and credit sectors.

CIM Market Insight

Industrial Real Estate

Prior to COVID-19, the growth of ecommerce was fueling an industrial real estate boom. The pandemic and lockdowns only accelerated those trends as consumers turned to online shopping for food, clothing, exercise equipment and other goods. Various drivers reveal the industrial sector will continue to play a key role in fostering socioeconomic resilience.

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CIM Group Insights and Research - Industrial Real Estate
CIM Group Insights and Research - Waste and Waste Water Management

CIM Market Insight

Waste and Wastewater Management

As U.S. population growth and economic activity continue, effective waste and wastewater management remain critical to public health. Bolstered by the trajectory of economic growth and public policy, this essential sector may present investment opportunities worth considering.

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CIM Market Insight

Social Infrastructure

While financing social infrastructure assets is generally considered a public sector responsibility, private capital often supplements financing needs. Several market factors point to the expansion of private investment opportunities in healthcare, education and transportation infrastructure designed to support communities.

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CIM Group Insights and Research - Social Infrastructure
CIM Group Insights and Research - Energy Transition

CIM Market Insight

Energy Transition

A revolutionary opportunity is taking shape in the energy industry as energy producers pursue a transition to renewable sources. Renewable energy promises to transform power generation, transportation, infrastructure and more as overwhelming government and business support fuels demand.

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CIM White Paper

Urban Real Estate: Holding its Advantage Over the Suburbs

Certain gateway markets have experienced outmigration to suburban markets due to dislocation caused by COVID-19. However, many secondary cities have benefited from population and job growth during this time. We believe that thriving urban markets will continue to present investment opportunities in the years to come.

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