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CIM Group Infrastructure Investment Platform - Antelope Valley

Infrastructure Platform

Focuses on projects that provide necessary services to growing metropolitan communities.
We support communities through necessary infrastructure, including projects that facilitate responsible environmental practices.

Creating Value

Our infrastructure strategy emphasizes sustainability while providing public goods and services, which serve as basic pillars supporting the growth of metropolitan communities. We provide infrastructure opportunities for institutional partners and co‑investors as well as high-net-worth clients and family offices.

We may create value in infrastructure projects through any of the following methods:

  • Providing capital for construction
  • Expansion
  • Upgrades and improvements
CIM Group Infrastructure Investment Platform - Aquamarine Solar Project in San Joaquin Valley, CA

Infrastructure Strategy Overview

Through our infrastructure strategy, we emphasize sustainability and provide necessary services to growing communities.

Our projects play an essential role in the development of renewable energy, water supply, communication solutions and more. Learn more about our emphasis on environmental, social and governance considerations here.

Infrastructure Strategy in Action
CIM Group Infrastructure Investment Platform - 400 Paul Data Center in San Francisco, CA

400 Paul

San Francisco, CA

The first purpose-built data center in San Francisco in more than 10 years, the 400 Paul data center will support the data needs of the greater northern California market. Recognizing the growing need for communications infrastructure, our in-house team of experts acquired the property in 2017, obtained the necessary permits, renovated the two existing office buildings and began ground-up construction of the data center.

More About 400 Paul
CIM Group Infrastructure Investment Platform - 400 Paul Data Center in San Francisco, CA

400 Paul is located in the Portola neighborhood of San Francisco and sits adjacent to 200 Paul, one of the most densely connected internet gateways in the United States. 400 Paul is a 242,000-square-foot powered data center shell situated on a 7.3-acre site between the two major north-south fiber routes connecting San Francisco to Silicon Valley. The area is also a hub for more than a dozen fiber networks serviced by multiple international carriers.

The two office buildings total over 55,000 square feet, and the data center is approximately 187,000 square feet. The project maintains permits with the City of San Francisco to access more than 15 underground fiber networks and 24 megawatts of primary power and 36 megawatts of back-up generation on site.

400 Paul is positively impacting people in communities by providing secure facilities for equipment that stores, processes and distributes data for both businesses and individuals.

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CIM Group Infrastructure Investment Platform - 400 Paul Data Center in San Francisco, CA