Our renewable energy projects support the ongoing growth of communities through sustainable and environmentally-responsible means.

Within our infrastructure strategy, one of the key sectors we emphasize is Renewable Energy. This includes projects to serve the increasing need for sustainable energy and help ensure the ongoing growth of communities in accordance with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Creating Value:

We may create value with renewable energy opportunities through any of the following methods:

  • New construction

  • Development

  • Financing

  • Active management


Potential renewable energy types:

  • Renewable energy generation (including solar, wind and other technologies)

  • Electricity transmission and distribution

  • Energy storage

Activating Renewable Energy


Kelso Valley | Kern County, California 

Kelso Valley Wind, Solar & Water consists of more than 68,000 acres of land in Kern County, California. This land provides for various renewable energy uses such as wind and solar resources and farm land containing water rights.

CIM acquired the asset in 2008 and completed development efforts shortly after acquisition to improve the water rights system on 33,457 acres. These efforts included making improvements to the irrigation infrastructure servicing the farm land and repairing dams and weirs to measure and control water consumption.

Kelso Valley helps to support urban communities through environmentally-conscious operations and renewable resource production while making a positive economic impact in Kern County.

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