Within our infrastructure strategy, one of the key sectors we emphasize is Transportation. This includes the ownership of off- and on-street single asset parking facilities and last-minute transportation solutions to support the needs of community downtowns and central business districts.

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Creating value:

We may create value with Transportation opportunities through any of the following methods:

  • Optimizing operations

  • Converting and/or partially re-purposing assets

  • Upgrading and improving assets

Our Transportation projects provide safe and efficient parking options in downtown areas and central business districts.

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Potential Transportation types:

  • Downtown parking garages

  • Vehicle charging and service areas

  • Vehicle storage and transportation nodes

  • “Last-mile” transportation solutions from transportation hubs to homes

Activating Transportation

Pine Street Garage

Pine Street Garage | Seattle, Washington

Pine Street Garage is an 844-stall parking garage located in the heart of downtown Seattle. With approximately 20,300 square feet, this multi-level parking structure provides easy access to hotels, shops and restaurants throughout the downtown area.

The garage is located within a 0.6-mile radius of popular tourist destinations including Pike Place Market, the Washington State Convention Center, numerous residential and office buildings, premier retail and restaurants, and Seattle’s five largest hotels.

CIM acquired this asset in February 2018, noting its prime location and the opportunity to connect locals and visitors to the surrounding area.

Through Pine Street Garage, we are making a positive impact in the community by providing clean and efficient parking services for a multitude of office workers, neighboring hotels, tourists and shoppers who visit the area every day.

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