Our waste management projects support community recycling and responsible waste disposal efforts.

Within our infrastructure strategy, one of the key sectors we emphasize is Waste Management. This focus promotes responsible waste collection and processing to support communities.

Cities, including our Qualified Communities, face increasing requirements for recycling and growing restrictions on waste disposal. We seek out opportunities to invest in facilities that recycle waste into marketable products, limiting landfill use.

Creating value:

We may create value with Waste Management opportunities through any of the following methods:

  • Leveraging our community knowledge to target the key problems in markets with the greatest needs

  • Partnering with state and local governments to attack urban waste-related problems

  • Structuring investments to effectively allocate risk

Maryville Carbon Solutions

Potential waste management types:

  • Waste to energy or fuel conversion facilities

  • Waste stream management

  • Waste to materials recovery

  • Waste to fertilizer conversion

Activating Waste Management

Maryville Carbon Solutions

Maryville Carbon Solutions | Maryville, Missouri

Maryville Carbon Solutions is a waste processing facility that converts used tires into valuable resources including carbon black and engine oil products. In 2017 the facility was refurbished and the equipment upgraded to enhance operational efficiency. Today, the plant has the capacity to recycle more than two million scrap tires annually.

The plant provides an important service to communities by decreasing harmful landfill waste and providing an alternative solution to fossil fuel-derived products. Additionally, for builders and manufacturers in communities across the United States, recycled carbon is a useful and sustainable alternative to various rubber and black plastic applications.

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