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CIM Group Water Management Infrastructure - Flowing water.

Water Management

Our waste management projects support community recycling and responsible waste disposal efforts.

Creating value:

Within our infrastructure strategy, one of the key sectors we emphasize is Water Management. This includes efficient water storage and distribution to support the population within metropolitan communities.

We may create value by owning and efficiently operating any of the following asset categories within the Water Management sector:

  • Water storage
  • Water / waste water treatment facilities
  • Water conveyance
  • Utilities
CIM Group Water Management Infrastructure - Yellow building and pipes.
CIM Group Water Management Infrastructure - Man working on blue pipes.

In many of our Qualified Communities, local water utility infrastructure is wearing out and creating an impediment to population growth. This has created greater opportunities to support communities through infrastructure assets within the water sector.

Activating Water Management

Antelope Valley Water Bank

Antelope Valley Water Bank is a groundwater storage facility located northeast of Los Angeles. Groundwater storage banks store surface water in underground aquifers so that it can be extracted for use during dry years. This allows the banks’ customers — primarily state water agencies and farmers — to effectively manage the reliability of their water supplies.

Situated on 1,838 acres of agricultural land, the project is designed to provide storage for up to 500,000 acre-feet of water. This capacity is enough to supply approximately four million people with water for one year.

CIM Group Environmental, Social and Governance - Green landscape

When construction is complete, the facility will provide water management infrastructure to help address California’s highly variable hydrological cycle, a growing population and increasing water usage, and shifts in water demand resulting from continuing urbanization and increasing population density in city centers. Groundwater storage facilities such as the Antelope Valley Water Bank serve an increasingly valuable role in the long‑term solution to California’s ongoing water challenges.