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CIM Group Portfolio - Tribune Tower in Chicago, IL

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes real estate, infrastructure and credit assets in our Qualified Communities.
$29.2 Billion
Total Assets1
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Qualified Urban Communities
CIM Group Portfolio - The Independent in Austin, TX

Creating Value.
Enhancing Communities.

We are dedicated to enhancing and supporting communities through real estate, infrastructure and credit. Before initiating an urban project, we identify transitional and thriving communities that are likely to benefit from our work and create value for our partners and co-investors. Next, we implement our distinctive five-point community qualification process.

CIM Group Portfolio - Asset Map
Community Qualification Process

Community qualification takes between six months and five years. The process combines quantitative expertise, such as demographic data and historical analysis, with a qualitative, on-the-ground understanding of a community’s needs and potential.

As part of our process, we consider five essential criteria:

  • Improving market dynamics
  • Private investment
  • Areas underserved by real estate and infrastructure
  • Potential for at least $100 million of opportunistic equity investments within five years
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Qualified Communities

Our community qualification process helps ensure that our work makes a positive difference in communities while creating value for our stakeholders.

CIM Group Portfolio - Tribune Tower in Chicago, IL
Leasable Assets
We work to benefit communities and the people in them by actively managing the assets we own and operate. We also seek to be a good neighbor to communities and a strong partner to our tenants. With thousands of properties in prime locations across the Americas, we seek tenants whose goods and services support local needs. Learn more about our leasing opportunities below.
Leasing Opportunities

1) Data as of 12/31/23. Assets Owned and Operated (AOO) represents the aggregate assets owned and operated by CIM on behalf of partners (including where CIM contributes alongside for its own account) and co-investors, whether or not CIM has discretion, in each case without duplication.

Book Value for each investment generally represents the investment’s book value as reflected in the applicable fund’s unaudited financial statements as of the Report Date prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles on a fair value basis. These book values generally represent the asset’s third-party appraised value as of the Report Date, but in the case of CIM’s Cole Net-Lease Asset strategy, book values generally represent undepreciated cost (as reflected in SEC-filed financial statements).