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Office Leasing - Looking out on Brooklyn Bridge in New York, NY

Office Leasing

Helping businesses identify locations that inspire engaged employees and meaningful work.

Spaces Tailored for You

An ideal office is an inspiring gathering place that attracts employees and encourages their best work. Whether you’re seeking a creative office build-out, a space oriented for technology or life sciences research, or a more traditional atmosphere, we’ll help you identify and create spaces tailored for your business objectives. With our broad nationwide portfolio and team of experts in real estate, construction, design and more, we’ll partner with you to inspire creative and productive employees in as many locations as your business requires.

Lease Office Space from CIM Group - 1440 Broadway in New York, NY

Work With Us

  • Vibrant neighborhoods in major markets nationwide
  • Easily accessible locations with ample parking
  • Knowledgeable, helpful team with office expertise
  • Transparent, quick delivery from LOI to executed lease
  • Terraces, patios, rooftop decks and other opportunities for outdoor work and collaboration.

CIM: Supporting Tenants for Success at Penn Field

CIM tenants at Penn Field in Austin, TX discuss their positive experiences with CIM’s responsive, flexible and supportive on-site team.

Lease Office Space from CIM Group - Penn Field in Austin, TX

Case Study:

Gibson Brands
Penn Field | Austin, TX

Iconic guitar company Gibson Brands has served generations of musicians and is revered worldwide. In 2003, Gibson was searching for an office location in Austin, TX, and found it at Penn Field, CIM’s award-winning former air force base turned creative office campus. Situated in a park-like setting with easy access to downtown Austin, Penn Field offered significant space with the balance of privacy and connectivity Gibson needed.

Lease Office Space from CIM Group - Penn Field in Austin, TX

The company fitted its 4,700-square-foot suite with a showroom, an instrument display room and private meeting spaces. Gibson leverages its showroom for a wide range of special events, including live performances, press conferences, intimate recordings and a variety of social gatherings.

CIM’s On-site Property Management team at Penn Field works closely with Gibson to keep its Austin office running smoothly. From accepting instrument deliveries on Gibson’s behalf to offering the Penn Field parking lots for shuttle pick up points during Gibson’s special events, as well as other services in between, the CIM team works to support Gibson’s continued success at Penn Field.