On-Campus Recruiting

CIM recruits graduate students from top universities across North America for both full-time  Associate Vice President and as well as summer Associate Vice President internships.  CIM also recruits from a pool of candidates who have completed Investment Banking programs for Associate positions.  The majority of these full-time recruits join our Investments Department, working on underwriting and evaluating investment opportunities. Additionally, our on-campus recruiting program may include positions for our Development Department.  CIM places a top priority on superior communication, a passion for real estate, and the financial acumen necessary to contribute to our team.

On Campus Recruiting
Empowering Employees
CIM emphasizes its entrepreneurial foundation by empowering employees to see the investment process from start to finish and to take responsibility for the oversight of an investment as if it were their own business.

CIM creates career paths for our employees while maintaining our corporate culture and growth as an organization.

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