Building Engineer (Residential, High Rise)

Property Management
Posted: 02/18/2020
Full Time
Los Angeles, CA
CIM Group is looking for a Residential High-Rise Building Engineer to join our team. The position is responsible for directing building maintenance operations and maintaining the building’s mechanical systems according to CIM Group’s operating and safety standards.  This position will, under the direction of the Property Manager, identify all building equipment systems and create a preventive maintenance program for the building, supervise turnover work and seek to complete as much of the unit repairs in house as possible.  
  • Ensure scheduled preventive maintenance tasks are completed in accordance with the monthly maintenance calendar and direct either CIM maintenance technicians or third party vendors to complete the necessary preventive maintenance work as scheduled or budgeted.
  • Oversee the maintenance team’s efforts in completing the building’s preventive maintenance schedule which will include inspecting HVAC, refrigerator, sinks, washer/dryers, and others as directed by the Property Manager.
  • Work closely with the Property Manager in completing common area and/or exterior preventive maintenance such as roofs, exterior doors, windows, drain lines and others as directed by the Property Manager
  • Closely track, monitor and follow-up on residents’ work orders and schedule work using a third party vendor with Property Manager’s approval for work that cannot be completed by the CIM maintenance team. 
  • Responsible for adhering to the approved operating budget for all repair and maintenance  expenses and provide the following operating cost estimates for budgeting purposes:  (i) turn over, (ii) plumbing, (iii) electrical, (iii) HVAC and boiler, (iv) building RM, and (v) preventive maintenance work.
  • Meet with the onsite management on a weekly basis to ensure all work orders are responded to within 24 hours, maintain a binder with tabs for each unit, including ground floor and management office and print out each tenant work order. Meet on Monday to review the printed work orders and the following Friday to confirm status of completed work orders.
  • Responsible for inventory control of all appliances, tools, supplies and equipment related to repairs and maintenance.
  • Direct maintenance operations for upkeep of the apartment units by the minimum repair standards Including but not limited to:  
  • Attach window blinds, hang furniture
  • Appliances replace filters, check drain lines and pans and know how to operate all systems including high end models in order to assist residents as required.
  • HVAC replace filters, wet vac condensation pans, verify thermostat settings and know how to operate the unit in order to assist residents as required. 
  • Plumbing snake and clear blockages up to 25 feet
  • Replace electrical sockets, switches, bulbs and check breakers
  • Flooring re-attach thresholds, re-tack carpet, and replace missing wood or tile flooring
  • Walls repair drywall, mud, tape and paint or wall paper as required
  • Ceiling repair drywall, mud, tape and paint
  • Required to repair and/or maintain items to the standards identified as they pertain to each building or property, including but not limited to:
  • Doors re-key, hang and adjust as required
  • Fix irrigation leaks as they occur
  • Replace burnt out bulbs
  • Work with Property Manager to ensure central plant equipment is under contract and properly maintained.
  • Windows are re-caulked as required
  • Work with Property Manager to ensure the roofs are inspected twice a year and adequately maintained
  • Work with Property Manager to ensure all equipment related to access devices is under contract and properly maintained.
  • Work the Property Manager to ensure parking equipment is under contract and properly maintained 
  • Identify appliances that need to be replaced and with the Property Manager’s approval ensure all appliances are properly disposed off and only removed from the building with prior written approval. 
  • Maintain engineering office with tools organized, supplies inventoried and neatly stacked or organized and maintain maintenance files as requested or required by the Property Manager and/or CIM standards.  
  • Serve as Lead to maintenance team members
  • Oversee third party vendors (as required) who maintain access equipment (elevators/ escalators), central plant and other building equipment
  • Ensure all vendors sign in and out of the property and control access to the roof and mechanical rooms. 
  • EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: (including certification, licenses, etc.)
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • At least 5 years of experience working in a High Rise Building.
  • Ability to read all types of schematics and blue prints.
  • Experience working with plumbing system including trouble shooting and repairs in a High Rise which include: booster pumps, circulations pumps, sump pumps, domestic water manifold, PRV Valves, Expansion Tanks , Heat Exchangers , Cooling Tower Boilers, Domestic Water Boilers, Pool Boilers , Check Valve, Isolation Valves , Strainers, Backflows, Pressure Release Valves, Instant Hot, Irrigation booster pumps, Fire Pumps Trap Primers.
  • Experience working with electrical systems in both high voltage and low voltage.
  • Fire Life Safety, responsible for ensuring that the property vital components are in fully functional operations at all time. This include the following: understanding the building command center and all it components, Mechanical Inspection Panel , Fire Alarm Annunciator , Fire panel. Conduct visual and manual inspections for the  following items: Sprinklers Risers, Flow switches, Tamper Valves, Test fire pumps, check building water tank for proper levels, generator testing , visually and manually check all fire damper and smoke exhaust, ensure all exit signs are fully operational ensure all fire doors are closing properly and experience with Reg 4 Testing.
  • Manage main building HVAC fresh air handler supply train, Ensure all motors a, belts, filters, sheaves , manage day to day system temperature and troubleshoot mechanical problems. Maintain all common areas heat pumps and conduct inspections.
  • Manage all roof critical components including: cooling towers, motors, fans, sprayers, filters , ensure all bacteria levels maintained at an acceptable level.
  • Operate and repair pneumatic system (chute system) and ensure it meets ADA and Osha standards.
  • Have an understanding on the BMS system in place of the building.
  • CIM does not accept unsolicited resumes from Agencies.  Any unsolicited resumes received from Agencies will be considered property of CIM and no fees will be due or paid.  If you wish to become an approved Agency with CIM or any of its Affiliates, please contact a member of the CIM Talent Acquisition Team.