Within our Infrastructure Strategy, one of the key sectors we emphasize is Metropolitan Communications. This includes datacenters located near and/or serving large communities in the United States and Canada. 

Cheyenne Data Center

Creating value:

We may create value with Metropolitan Communications opportunities through any of the following methods:

  • New construction

  • Redevelopment

  • Construction loans

  • Upgrades and improvements

Our Metropolitan Communications projects support the increasing demand for cloud and hosting services near large communities.   

To learn more, read the recent CIM Market Insight on Digital Infrastructure.

100 Clegg

Potential users of our Metropolitan Communications assets include:

  • Universities

  • Telecom companies

  • Financial services institutions

  • Government

  • Software platforms

Activating Metropolitan Communications

400 Paul

Datacenter | 400 Paul | San Francisco, CA

In 2017, CIM and a joint-venture partner acquired a 7.3-acre datacenter development site at 400 Paul in San Francisco. The site is ideally situated at the hub of more than 15 fiber networks served by international carriers. It is a key portal for incoming traffic from Europe and Asia to communities on the West Coast.

The property will eventually include a 187,000-square-foot powered datacenter with 24 megawatts of capacity. Additionally, two existing office buildings will be converted into 54,000 square feet of modern creative office space to support the datacenter.

The campus will help serve the needs of West Coast communities for quick and efficient data transmission to end users.

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